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Social Media

We have a social media presence where we share thoughtful articles and insights as we maintain and grow our relationship network and

one-on-one and small-group online conversions. Follow us at

Dave Jenkins 

Jana Jenkins

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Diaspora/ New Americans

  •  Our team is here to also come alongside Diaspora/ New Americans and encourage them to lead effectively in their communities and beyond to their ND neighbors.

  • Unity building 

  • Sharing practical steps in adjusting to life in America

  • Consulting with North Dakota businesses, churches, and other organizations to hear and seek out Diaspora voices.

Community Health Efforts

  • Social inclusion to combat mental health

  • Mental Health Community Connections-- Especially for women in the new American communities struggling with isolation can lead to mental health stress.  

  • Jana Jenkins serves as a Lay Health Ambassador

  • Activities that promote community.

Rural Church Support


Window Light in Church

Pulpit Supply 

Both Dave and Jana Jenkins are avalible to either fill in or bring a special message about including the diaspora/New Americans in your community. 

Religious Objects

Performing weddings

Dave and Jana enjoy providing pre-marital counseling as well as Dave officiating  Weddings.

Cemetery Gravestones

Performing funerals

Dave Jenkins is available to perform funerals for those not attached to a local church.


Rural Diaspora Community’s main vision is to come alongside our diaspora/ new Americans and not only welcome them to the community but encourage them to use their voice. We need to learn from all the different cultures that are living in our neighborhoods and villages.

A Supportive Hug


You can make a financial contribution by sending a check to Rural Diaspora Community, 11309 Main St., Killdeer, ND 58640 or by contributing online through Venmo (@mzee-Jenkins), PayPal (, Zelle (, or Cash App ($mzeedave).
Several have noticed that we drive lots of miles and host lots of visitors.  Thus multiple people over the years have helped us out with very practical gifts such as stopping by with a goat, a chicken, walleye fillets, a side of beef, half a hog, garden vegetables, a sack of potatoes, a stalk of plantains, a bag of sugar or flour, tires, a full tank of fuel, a car, a computer, a printer, office supplies, and coffee and tea from Africa.   
If something comes to mind that you think could be helpful, please feel free to give us a call to ask.    Our home does not have lots of storage and we try to keep clutter to a minimum so not all the items that come to mind are useful.   

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10 Reasons for Christ Followers to stay on social media


I’ve seen debate about the merits of social media for several years. I’ve seen an increasing amount of debate in the last week. I’ve been tempted to post some articles and columns. Yet, none seems quite right to me. Here are 10 quick thoughts:



1. I’ve long been a disciple of an old missionary, Roland Allen; and his book, "Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours." That led me to continually ask the question, “WWPD?” or “What Would Paul Do?” That question always seems a bit more applicable for us ordinary humans. As my sister-in-law Debra Carr once said, “We ain’t Jesus, and this ain’t Jerusalem.” We have human limitations that Jesus as the Son of God didn’t have. Also, the historical context of Jerusalem in the First Century is tough to replicate. Paul, however, is clearly a flawed human, changed by grace and the Holy Spirit, and seeking to make a kingdom difference in a world that’s complex and rapidly changing. I can relate to Paul. 

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